Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Curling Hair: Curling Iron Vs. Flat Iron

If a curling iron does the job of curling your hair perfectly, why would you ever try to curl your hair with a flat iron? And, if a flat iron straightens your hair, and can curl it, too, why would you ever buy a curling iron? It's one of those things where it just comes down to preference. This is what I've notice with both:

Flat Iron for Curling Hair


  • In my opinion, it's faster than a curling iron because you don't have to hold the tool in place while the curls are setting.
  • You can get tighter, Shirley Temple curls if you pull your hair through the iron slower.
  • You can wave or crimp your hair, in addition to curl or straighten it.

  • If you pull the iron through your hair too quickly, a curl won't even form. 
  • If hair slides out from between the plates, you won't get a tight spiral.
  • You gotta learn a new technique in order to use a flat iron to curl you're hair.
  • It's more difficult to switch the direction of the curls. With a curling iron, you can curl one set of strands one way, and another set in the other direction.
Curling Iron for (duh!) Curling Hair


  • You get uniform curls all throughout your head. They are all the same diameter and tightness.
  • It's easier to switch the direction of the curls (I mentioned this).
  • It's a simpler technique, so you won't have hair sliding out from the barrel. 
  • Generally, curling irons are cheaper than flat irons.

  • You can only curl with a curling iron, so it's not as versatile as a flat iron. 
  • You'll need a bunch of different sized curling irons to do a mixture of tight and loose curls.
I like having both (I guess I like spending money on unnecessary things), but in the end, you get roughly the same look with either tool. My curling iron is 1 1/2", so I grab for it when I want loose curls. You can create loose curls with a straightening iron, but it's difficult with 1" plates. You'll need a professional flat iron with larger plates to make loose curls nicely. It's strange because I can justify having two or three different curling irons of different sizes, but having more than one straightener seems odd to me. Oh, well... thanks for reading!



  1. hi! i've tried curling my hair with a flat iron before, and i did like how it turned out. :)

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  2. i love love love curling my hair. and i usuallt use a curling iron. i have yet to learn how to do it with a flat iron:D

    btw, i am now your new follower. follow me too?


  3. You now, I have such a hard time curling my hair with the curling iron. Somehow it always burns my hair regardless of the setting. I like the flat iron better. I'm now following you. Pls stop by and say hi when you get a chance =)

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