Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's make this about me right quick

Springtime is the hardest time to get through school. It's gorgeous outside, so I never want to go to class. Right now I should be working on a really quick paper, but I'm procastinating. I decided to give you followers (very few of them, I might pathetically add), a glimpse into my life.

This is where I work- Ali Baba's in Davis, Ca. See all those propinas? It's my smile :)

This is my boss. He owns Ali Baba's, and he's also one of my best friends. 

My roommates and I stay on top of our shit.

My friends and I were on a soccer team called, "Pour Some 40 on It."

I'm a Cal Aggie Camp counselor. Don't think just because I party hard, I'm not a good role model. 

But, yeah, I do party hard.

There are my girls and me after a Mos Def concert in San Francisco. 

Speaking of San Francisco, that's where I'm from.

I'm one girl who actually likes to drink beer.

And, I like to pretend like I'm an import model (when I'm drunk).

My friends and I always have a great time together.

This is my boo and me. We like to play dress-up. Here, we're zombies.

More dress-up.

He acts like a jerk, but he's my biggest sweetheart.

This is what he looks like normal. He's kinda handsome, huh? We're exchanging X-mas gifts here.

This is what Christmas is like with his family :)

He called me the Grinch on Christmas. 

My man always makes fun of my big forehead. He knows how to make a woman feel good.

Well, if you don't think I'm pretty, at least I do!

Make-up should always be fun. This photo shows part of my room. There's all my make-up, hair stuff, jewelry, and perfumes in the corner.

Did you read my entry- the one where I said Vitamin E oil helped me reduce scars from a bike accident? These are the accident scars I'm talking about.

This is my most recent picture. I'm not even wearing foundation, and you can't even see the scars anymore! In real life you can see them faintly. Notice how my guy doesn't take notice of me. Instead, he dances with other dudes.

Exhibit B: Me dancing alone, and my boo thang still dancing with that dude.


  1. hahahaaha When I read your introduction to this post about saying how beautiful the weather is and not wanting to go to class, I was thinking, "I can totally relate." Then I saw that you're also from Davis! LOL And I know Joel! There are some interesting memories from freshman year. LOL <3

  2. Haha. That's so tight. He is such a character...

  3. hahaha helll yeaaahhh. Looking from your post, I can see that he's still the same! hahaha

  4. You guys look as though you're having a blast, you're stunning :)